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Dr. Melissa Keller

Dr. Melissa Keller is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado and earned her doctorate and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  She has been in the mental health field since 2007 when she relocated to Colorado and began raising her family. Her experience includes working with students from multiple colleges in the metro area, the statewide crisis and substance use hotline, neuropsychological and personality assessment, and local emergency departments and treatment facilities.   Dr. Keller specializes in Educational and Personality Assessment, Eating disorders, Depression/Anxiety, Gender/Sexuality Issues, Trauma and Crisis Management.  She is also an instructor at MSU Denver and other local community colleges teaching upper division courses in Gender, Diversity, Addictions, and Personality.  In addition, Dr. Keller offers consultation and supervision to graduate students.  

Dr. Keller offers an integrative approach with individualized treatment plans for clients.  She believes in meeting a person where they are and helping them practice and learn tools to be successful in school, relationships, jobs, and/or incorporating new skills into having a healthy lifestyle to feel and be successful in their goals. Dr. Keller currently offers in-person sessions as well as zoom teletherapy sessions for most ages 6+ and above.

Dr. Joelle Kruml, ABPP

Dr. Kruml is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Colorado and Arizona, and has been working in the mental health field since 2001.  She received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver.  Dr. Kruml graduated Cum Laude from Drake University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a concentration in Neuroscience.  She has received specialized training in the areas of violence, trauma, public safety, fire science, neuropsychology, psychological assessment, and child/adolescent issues.  Dr. Kruml gained this experience through working within corrections and at residential treatment facilities, as well as at Denver Health Medical Center, the Denver VA Medical Center, a private public safety consulting firm, and through international research in South Africa.  Formerly, she taught a course on Stress Management and Trauma at Arapahoe Community College.  Dr. Kruml works with Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, PTSD, Couples and Family issues, and Adolescent and Childhood issues including Self-Mutilation, Bullying, and Social Phobia. She is a PSYPACT credentialed psychologist and is able to practice across multiple states (see https://psypact.site-ym.com/general/custom.asp?page=psypactmap). 

Dr. Kruml believes people strive to be their best selves yet struggle on the journey when finding harmony and fulfillment seems elusive. She believes honesty brings about lasting change and judgment halts this growth. Dr. Kruml approaches her work by creating an environment that is open, accessible, and non-judgmental. The therapeutic process begins by examining your family and upbringing along with your relational patterns and ways of communicating with others. It is Dr. Kruml’s goal to guide you toward new ways of thinking, coping, communicating, and behaving in a way that is in alignment with your goals. She will work with you to identify your values and create meaning in your life through the use of values-based decisions. Using an integrated approach of CBT, Humanistic/Existentialism, Interpersonal, and Solution Focused ideologies, she facilitates an understanding behind human behavior and illuminates a path for your personal growth. Dr. Kruml augments sessions with homework assignments and reading materials to create the best set of tools to support your journey.

Dr. Paula Schmidtlein

Dr. Schmidtlein received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver in 2008. She also received a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. Dr. Schmidtlein received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Northern Colorado while playing collegiate soccer. She is a Faculty member at University of Colorado Denver, and has taught courses at many local Universities. Throughout her training, Dr. Schmidtlein provided clinical services at the Women’s Crisis Center, Kaiser, the University of Denver Health and Counseling Center, and AMEND.  Dr. Schmidtlein began working in private practice in 2008. She decided to merge with Southeast Psychotherapy Associates to work in a group practice setting, which offers many benefits to patients including coverage when Dr. Schmidtlein is out of town, when her schedule is full or if emergencies arise.

Although trained as a generalist, Dr. Schmidtlein’s areas of focus/specialty include: children and adolescents issues,  trauma, couples and families (including relationship issues and sex therapy), parenting, women’s issues, sports psychology, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, chronic pain, terminal illness, education and ADHD assessment.  Additionally, Dr. Schmidtlein is PSYPACT credentialed and able to practice Telepsychology to multiple states (see https://psypact.site-ym.com/general/custom.asp?page=psypactmap).

Dr. Schmidtlein is passionate about helping people and believes the therapeutic relationship is important for successful outcomes.  Thus, in practice she emphasizes the relationship in addition to utilizing techniques that are picked specifically for each individual.  Dr. Schmidtlein recognizes that you are unique, and your therapeutic experience will be customized to your needs.  She uses an eclectic approach drawing techniques from Interpersonal Psychology, CBT, Humanistic, Positive Psychology, and Solution Focused.  Dr Schmidtlein believes it is important to create a welcoming environment.  Her goal is for you to feel comfortable and reach your goals in a timely manner.  Dr. Schmidtlein strongly believes we do not have to go through life’s journey alone, and at different times in our life we can all use a little help. As a clinician she serves many roles: therapist, cheerleader, coach etc. 

Dr. Schmidtlein offers in person, virtual and outdoor sessions utilizing walk and talk therapy.